Why Tulsi Mala Is Used For Chanting?

According to one of the Ancient Hindu Texts, Lord Vishnu only accepts divine offerings when they are offered to Tulsi leaves.That’s why those who wear Tulsi Mala, it is assumed he/she is showere with Lord Vishnu blessings. And by wearing a Mala of Tulsi, a person attains Vaikunth Dham.

The Tulsi Japa Mala comes in various forms, each carrying its own significance. The sacred mala with 108 tulsi beads mala, 54 beads tulsi mala, or 27 beadsoriginal tulsi mala, it’s important to understand the spiritual meaning of every type.

How to chant with Tulsi mala:

1.        Rituals and Respect- Touch the Guru's Mala  and chant “Hare Krishna” before wearing the original Tulsi Kanthi Mala, emphasizing a ritualistic approach to personal use .

2.        Ideal Conditions for Chanting- Before Tulsi Mala meditation, personal cleanliness and ritualistic practices are important.

3.        Meditating with Tulsi JapaMala: Repeat the mantra with clarity and focus, even silently, it forms the backbone of a profound spiritual journey.

4.        Posture and Practice-Sit facing east or north holding Tulsi beads and  opt for a quiet environment for a transformative chanting experience.

5.        Deeper Connection through Meaning- Feel the power of mantra, and try to understand each word purifying  the mind


That’s why it is always said that if you want to get close to Lord Krishna or attain spirituality. Chant with Original Tulsi japa mala by keeping  eyes closed and uniting the body's prana, forming an electrical loop and aiding focus.

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