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Welcome to Vrindavan Original Tulsi Mala Store - Your Gateway to Divine Spirituality

At Vrindavan Tulsi Mala, we give your spirituality a new definition. Our focus lies on providing authentic products to support your spiritual journey, such as Japa beads, Tulsi malas, neem malas and more crafted from original and natural materials. Our journey begins at our very own farm in Vrindavan, the enchanting land of Krishna. With the caring and flourishing hands of experienced farmers for generations - we craft the highest quality Tulsi beads and malas that embody Vrindavan's divine vibes! Our manufacturing warehouse is where our artisans create wonders by handcrafting each Tulsi mala and Japa bead with love and devotion, creating unique pieces with positive energy to resonate with your spiritual endeavours. As leaders in our industry, we have long earned the trust of our customers by consistently providing excellence. We greatly enjoy satisfying our customers who are spiritual seekers looking for genuine spiritual connections by selling over 15,000 + products across India in almost 50+ cities and worldwide. At Vrindavan Tulsi Mala, our purpose goes far beyond retail; our mission is to be your spiritual compass on your holy path. Experience the spirit of Vrindavan in every product we offer and allow its divine guidance to lead you toward inner peace and spiritual fulfilment. Our commitment to originality and purity remains strong as we invite you to discover its treasures. Book your next order with our original Tulsi mala store in Vrindavan.

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Original Tulsi Basil Products From Vrindavan


May Lord Krishna shower His divine blessings on you! Basil or Tulsi is no less than a holy goddess according to Hindu Sanatan Dharma. She always remains with us as a pious plant in our households. The wood which we get from this plant even helps Hindus to reach the Shricharna (holy feet) of the Lord. Get the best quality Tulsi Mala from us.


We are based in Vrindavan as one of the biggest wholesalers and manufacturers of the Vrindavan Tulsi Japa Mala, Vrindavan Tulsi Kanthi Mala. Beads Bags, Vrindavan Silver Tulsi Mala, Original Sumarni / Berkha / 27 Beads Mala , Original Tulsi Panchmala & Bhaktmala, Counter / Sakshi Mala Tulsi Bracelet, Tulsi Earring and Tulsi neck mala. The people behind have made your journey to get the best and original Tulsimala right from Vrindavan easier. You just need to scroll through our website and order the from anywhere.

A Japa Mala helps a devotee to recite & chant Lord’s name or mantra. As one of the most dedicated vrindavantulsimala wale, we understand your belief. That’s why we add stylish designs to the Japa Mala manufactured in Vrindavan. From a wide range of original Tulsi Mala, you can get Shri Radha Tulsi Mala, ISCKON Tulsi Mala, Tusli Kanth Mala, and others.


You get true quality, original, most genuine, and native Tulsi Mala from Vrindavan Dham. We maintain all the norms (vidhi) while preparing the Japa Mala that offer purity to your body and soul. Our portal is easy to use that hands you the opportunity to order authentic Tulsi Mala online from anywhere in India and the World with our Logostics & Transportation. We are one of the largest exporters of the basil or Tulsi Mala in Asia, Africa, Europe, & Australia. People have trusted us for providing genuine quality religious as well as ISCKON tulsi mala. Order the best quality Tulsi Japa Mala manufactured and produced at Vrindavan Dham from us today

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